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How can I make payment for a Trip?


How do I set up an online store account?


Why do I have to have an online store account?


The College requires all students to have an online store account so that all payments made by students can be correctly processed and audited.  Students are asked to set up an account during the enrolment process.

The Online store offers a simple and cost effective way to collect payments for the vast number of products available in College; trips and visits, course materials, tickets to College productions, travel permits, etc.  Payment can be made using a student's own debit card or the parent/guardian's debit/credit card.  The College will also be able to accept payment by PayPal in the near future.

Parents/Guardians wishing to pay on behalf of a student are asked to use their son or daughter's account so that the product purchased is linked to the Student's ID number.

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